Pathways to Purpose

2019-2020 Annual Report

19-20 QEP Impact Report | Pathways to Purpose Website

Student Learning Outcomes

Create a culture of vocational discernment at Spring Hill College where students have opportunities to:

Student Learning Outcome 1: Ask and explore fundamental questions of vocation

Student Learning Outcome 2: Integrate and make sense of those moments during their college experience when they felt called, purposeful, or inspired

Student Learning Outcome 3: Demonstrate an understanding that vocational discernment is an ongoing process

The Quality Enhancement Plan attempts to provide a four year developmental model where students deepen their discernment of vocation and purpose over the course of their college experience. Essays are rated at three points during their college career. The data below shows a development growth in discernment of vocation as students progress through college. All ratings are out of 5.

First Year (LEAP)
Middle Years (CLIMB)3.032.442.42
Senior Year (REACH)3.803.993.69

Program Engagement

Unique Students Engaged
Unique Faculty/Staff Engaged

As engagement in Pathways to Purpose programming increases, we see an increase in rubric ratings. Students who participate in more than two Pathways to Purpose activities have higher ratings than students who have participated in only one or no activites. Pathways to Purpose activities include all Guidebook activities as well as promotional or outreach events such as Vocation Lunches and Leadership Workshops.


Guidebook Events/Activities
Guidebook Submissions

The Pathways to Purpose Guidebook outlines four years of developmental vocational discernment and purpose exploration for students based upon best practices shared by students, staff, and faculty. All first year students are given a physical version of the Guidebook to use throughout their time at SHC. Additionally an online Guidebook is available through Schoology, the College's Learning Management System.

The Guidebook provides an outline of the ways to get involved in Pathways to Purpose. Many of the in-person sign-ins of the Guidebook are also reflected in other Pathways to Purpose activities, such as the student retreats and the Sophomore Dinner.

Two students completed the Guidebook in 2020 receiving stoles. Congratulations to Kourtney Harrell, '20 and Meisha White, '20


All faculty members have the opprotunity to integrate vocational discernment discussions or activities into their courses. The intent is that students will make additional connections between their own sense of vocation and the learning being done in the classroom. Classes are offered across a variety of divisions and are often associated with sophomore-level core courses.


Vocational Discernment Courses Offered


Students Enrolled

Sophomore Dinner

Student Attendees
Faculty/Staff Attendees
Alumni Attendees

The Sophomore Dinner is an opportunity for students to enjoy a formal dinner with the faculty and staff who made a positive impact on their first year at Spring Hill College. Students are re-introduced to vocation and are encouraged to continue their purpose exploration through their Sophomore Year.

Explore Retreat on Vocation

Total Student Attendees

Sophomore and Junior students take part in an overnight retreat on the beach to dive deep into conversations about self-identity, values, and their place in the world. Retreat attendees have the opportunity to discuss questions of meaning and purpose with volunteer faculty and staff members at this intimate event.

"A great opportunity to begin thinking about life after college, and a chance to develop meaningful connections with both staff and students."


Vocation Lunch Participants
Student Leadership Workshop Participants

Course Visits
REACH Workshop Participants

Faculty & Staff Development

of Faculty/Staff Reported that they have had a conversation with a student about vocation following Pathways to Purpose Professional Development.
of Faculty added vocational topics to their coursework after participating in Pathways to Purpose Professional Development.

LEAP Faculty Development Seven faculty members attended a professional development workshop in August with a focus on introducting first year students to fundamental questions of vocation.

CLIMB Faculty Development Eight CLIMB directors attended a professional development workshop in February focused on community based learning.

NetVUE Core Development Grant Workshops Fourteen faculty members attended three workshops over the course of the academic year that focused on aligning the core curriculum with the misison of the college. Workshops focused specifically on re-working the first year experience.

New Employee Workshop Eight new staff and faculty members attended a lunch workshop introducing Pathways to Purpose and including discussions of vocation and ways in which their own sense of purpose or vocation aligns with their new position at Spring Hill College.

The Pathways to Purpose Annual Report is a product of Spring Hill College's Quality Enhancement Plan.